Surviving College 

through Exercise 

College can be stressful! For many students, it's their first time away from home. The new environment, added responsibilities and tough classes are enough to give anyone grey hairs! Hopefully, this site will provide you with information on how to manage stress, stay motivated, and improve your learning abilities, all with the help of exercise.   Click here to find out ways to manage stress in college. 

You can do it!  

Exercise has been linked with better sleep, reduced anxiety, and improved focus. All of which are important as a student. Click here to find out more ways exercise can help you succeed in class. 

Inspiration. Motivation. Support.

Finding the motivation to exercise is hard enough without the added stress of having to juggle school, work, a family, or anything else you might have on your plate. Staying motivated is even harder. Click here to find out about ways to help you stay on-track and motivated to meet your fitness goals. 

Useful Resources

Below are some useful links to well known organizations that can help you on your journey to live a more active life!

Centers for Disease Control

The CDC's website is a great place to get information on physical activity guidelines, nutrition recommendations, as well as data and statistics on the current U.S. population.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a handy tool that you can connect to your phone to keep track of your progress. You can keep track of how often you exercise, your caloric intake, and even how much water you've been drinking.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association has all sorts of suggestions on how to improve cardiovascular health, how to start exercising and info on staying motivated. They've also got lots of cool videos and infographics you can share with your friends. 


Check out this quick video on how exercise can help you succeed in college!